The year is 1989, Randy Kismet; a foster child who was bullied physically and verbally everyday at Montauk High school for being gay and different by two of his classmates Fred Lucas (Frank Ciccolo) & Jack Higgins (John Formica). He was constantly taunted because he had bright red hair, they gave him the nickname "Red Head Randy". The pain was too much for him to bare any longer so one dark and lonely night he made the tragic decision to committ suicide despite his foster mothers many attempts to show him love and support from home. Twenty years later the bullying at Montauk High School has reached an all time high. Randy's bullies, Jack Higgins is now the aloof, corrupt principal of Montauk High School and Fred Lucas is now a abusive foster dad who bullies and abuses his foster child. Randy's ghost awakes from his grave to put an end to Fred & Jack's bullying once and for all and teach the new bullies of Montauk a lesson the will never forget.

Our Mission

"Red Head Randy" was created by director/actor Raymond Deane and producer Phill Hammond to help put an end to teen suicide. We are campaigning against all forms of bullying including cyber bullying, discrimination bullying and homophobic bullying. Lets stand up for the LGBT students across the world!

"My goal is to teach kids that you should never mistake an opinion as a fact. Don't let the opinions of others bring you down or stop you from seeing how amazing you are! Opinions Don't Define You. That's a Fact!"

- Raymond Deane, Director, Actor, Producer




Feature film "Red Head Randy" - Anti-bully horror film
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